Teaching thoughts
Teaching thoughts

I feel that teaching is the fundamental responsibility of every faculty member. The teaching methodology should be modeled upon the needs of the students and department as well. The most important goal of a department is to produce highly qualified students who are going to be very well received by the community. Hence, the standard of teaching should be high and consistent.

My opinion is that students need the following items to satisfactorily fulfill the requirements of the department: (1) to be able to understand (bio)physical mechanisms that are involved in a certain problem; (2) to know how to search for and construct a complete answer as we work through the question-and-answer process. This is a crucial point of my teaching interests, as I always see the student actively involved in a continual process of asking and answering questions; (3) to acquire more experimental skills and to be able to exploit them in a given situation. The only way to improve the skills is to practice them; (4) to be able to work as a team. Their ability to work cooperatively with their peers is an important skill. This is especially challenging when working on a multidisciplinary project; (5) to participate actively in curriculum development; (6) to participate actively in the research programs of the department. Teaching and research are inseparable at the graduate level. Mentoring students can bring real contributions toward our own thoughts regarding specific research problems in the laboratory or department. In fact, one of the most rewarding parts of teaching is the chance to learn from students through their questions, challenges and criticism.

As a teacher, one of the most challenging aspects is to be highly flexible and open-minded to implement new ideas into the teaching options. I take into consideration that I have to deal with a variety of personalities, backgrounds and learning capabilities, so that I need to use different teaching strategies. I consider one fundamental feature of a good teacher is to be accessible. I make myself available whenever the students need help. Undoubtedly, class discussions should be used extensively to ignite student interest and participation. My teaching philosophy encompasses fairness in evaluation and judgment, patience and a continual willingness to foster learning. The opportunity to serve as a life-long mentor to my students would be most gratifying in my professional career.

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