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  • D6. D. Popescu, L. Movileanu, G. Victor and G. Turcu, 1997, Stability and instability properties of aggregation of single-chain amphiphiles into binary mixtures. Bull. Math. Biol. 59(1), 43-61.[pdf]

  • D5. L. Movileanu, D. Popescu, G. Victor and G. Turcu, 1997, Selective association of phospholipids as a clue for the passive flip-flop diffusion through bilayer lipid membranes, BioSystems 40(3), 263-275.[pdf]

  • D4. L. Movileanu, 1996, On the electrolyte transport mechanisms through fish intestinal cells. A computer study. Bioelectrochem. Bioenerg. 40(2), 261-265.[pdf]

  • D3. L. Movileanu and D. Popescu, 1996, Global ratio of efficiency in a single chain binary mixture. J. Biol. Systems 4(3), 425-432.[pdf]

  • D2. L. Movileanu and D. Popescu, 1995b, Differential length effects into a binary mixture of single-chain amphiphiles in planar monolayers. A three-dimensional approach. BioSystems 36(1), 43-53.[pdf]

  • D1. L. Movileanu and D. Popescu, 1995a, Aspects of self- and cross-association hydrophobicity in a single-chain binary mixture. A computer study. Acta Biochim. Polon. 42(1), 89-96.[pdf]

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