Freshman Forum, CAS 101, Fall 2009


Tuesdays, 3:30 - 4:50 P.M

Newhouse 2, Room 275

Faculty member:

Prof. Liviu Movileanu LM04.jpg

443-8078 (Office)
443-0249 (Lab)

211 Physics Building

Office hours: TBA
or by appointment

The aims of this forum are to help you get an easy transition from high school to a liberal arts college of a major student-centered research university and have a successful start during the first undergraduate year. The central idea is to discuss common goals and concerns about being a first year undergraduate student, avoidable pitfalls and a good planning for the coming months. We will be discussing issues related to the Freshman Lecture. In addition, the forum is intended to provide you with info regarding our community and its members, particularly other students and faculty of the Syracuse University.
You are expected to receive a letter grade for CAS101 that will be recorded on everyone's transcript! Everyone will have a start-up grade of a B+. The attendance will not suffice for maximizing this default grade to an A. Each of the followings will help improving your grade by one step (for example, from B to B+): (i) a substantial contribution to the class discussions; (ii) turning in your assignment with a satisfactory completion. However, each of followings will determine "depreciation" of your grade by dropping one step: (i) missing a class; (ii) missing an event; (iii) no active participation to the class discussions; (iv) no turning in an assignment. We hope that everyone will meet no problems to get the maximum grade.
Student responsibilities:
  • Attendance at all scheduled Tuesdays meetings (8 meetings.)
  • Attendance at all external events: dinner on October 20th, and Freshman Lecture on September 24th.
  • Active participation in all class room discussions and other activities
  • Writting assignments. You will be required to submit two short writting assignments.
  • Extra prepared contributions to the class discussions.

September 1st
Introductory meeting: introductions, tentative planning & course overview, schedule etc.
September 8th
Invited speaker: Dr. Jill Schneider - "Healthy relations; avoiding the violence"
September 15th
Invited speaker: Amy Friers - "Career opportunities; Career advising"
September 22th
This session will be replaced by Milton lecture: Shen Wei dance Arts from September 29th, 2009
September 29th
Invited speaker: Garry Pavela - "Academic Integrity"
October 6th
Invited speaker: Kristin Waldron - "Health Professions Advising";
Discussions and Comments about the Milton Lecture
due! (3-4 pages)
October 13th
Invited Speaker: Mellinda Stoefel - "the Options Program and Counseling Center";
Critical assessment of time management.
October 20
1. Summary and concluding remarks;
2. Attend Dinner out!

1. Twelve Freshman (from the left side)

2. Twelve Freshman (from the center)

3. Twelve Freshman (from the right side)

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