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  • D55. J. Liu, A.J. Wolfe, E. Eren, J. Vijayaraghavan, M. Indic, B. van den Berg and L. Movileanu, 2012, Cation Selectivity is a Conserved Feature in the OccD Subfamily of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Biochim. Biophys. Acta - Biomembranes, 1818(11), 2908-2916. [pdf]

  • D54. D.J. Niedzwiecki, M.M. Mohammad and L. Movileanu, 2012, Inspection of the Engineered FhuA C/ 4L Protein Nanopore by Polymer Exclusion, Biophys. J. 103(10), 2115-2124.[pdf]

  • D53. B.R. Cheneke, M. Indic, B. van den Berg and L. Movileanu, 2012, An Outer Membrane Protein undergoes Enthalpy- and Entropy-driven Transitions, Biochemistry 51(26), 5348-5358.[pdf]

  • D52. J. Liu, E. Eren, J. Vijayaraghavan, B.R. Cheneke, M. Indic, B. van den Berg and L. Movileanu, 2012, OccK Channels from Pseudomonas aeruginosa Exhibit Diverse Single-channel Electrical Signatures, but Conserved Anion Selectivity, Biochemistry 51(11), 2319-2330.[pdf]

  • D51. M.M. Mohammad, R. Iyer, K.R. Howard, M.P. McPike, P.N. Borer and L. Movileanu, 2012, Engineering a Rigid Protein Tunnel for Biomolecular Detection, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134(22), 9521-9531.[pdf]
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  • D50. E. Eren, J. Vijayaraghavan, J. Liu, B.R. Cheneke, D.S. Touw, B.W. Lepore, M. Indic, L. Movileanu and B. van den Berg, 2012, Substrate specificity within a family of outer membrane carboxylate channels, PLoS Biol. 10(1), e1001242.[pdf]

  • D49. M.M. Mohammad and L. Movileanu, 2012, Protein Sensing with Engineered Protein Nanopores, in "Nanopore-Based Technology, Methods Mol. Biol., M.E. Graceva (Ed.), vol. 870, Springer, New York, pp. 21-37. [pdf]

  • D48. L. Movileanu, 2012, Single-molecule detection of proteins using nanopores, Chapter 25, In: Frontiers in Sensing - From Biology to Engineering, F.G. Barth, J.A.C. Humphrey and M.V. Srinivasan (Eds.), First Edition, Springer, Wien, New York, pp. 363-381.[pdf]

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