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  • D10. L. Movileanu and D. Popescu, 1998, A theoretical model for the association probabilities of saturated phospholipids from two-component bilayer lipid membranes. Acta Biotheor. 46(4), 347-368.[pdf]

  • D9. L. Movileanu, 1998, The cell model of the electrolyte transport mechanisms for cultured human colonocytes. Electromotive forces of the cellular pathways. Bioelectrochem. Bioenerg. 44(2), 169-176.[pdf]

  • D8. L. Movileanu, M.L. Flonta, D. Mihailescu and P.T. Frangopol, 1998, Characteristics of ionic transport processes in fish intestinal epithelial cells. BioSystems 45(2), 123-140.[pdf]

  • D7. L. Movileanu, D. Popescu and M.L. Flonta, 1998, The hydrophobic acyl-chain effect in the lipid domains appearance through phospholipid bilayers. J. Mol. Struct. (THEOCHEM) 434(3), 213-227.[pdf]

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